Saturday 30 May 2020

The moon, the stars in the sky are always the subject of children's curiosity. I once told students while teaching  that there are pits on the moon. Then the children insisted that we want to see  pits on moon . We decided to bring a telescope for school children.

When you decide to do something good, it is always accompanied by good people.

Ajay Dada who is currently in America. He is a friend of our Amol Dada. I told Amol Dada that we need a telescope. He told Ajay Dada about it. Then Ajay Da gave us his telescope and the children's wish to see the pits on the moon was fulfilled. This telescope is now very helpful in understanding the various concepts in the sky.

Earlier this year, we set up a 'Turiya Lab' in the school with the idea of ​​Ajay Dada. Various activities will be implemented with the help of this lab to increase the curiosity of the children.

 Despite living abroad, Ajay Da is working hard to improve school facillities in our country. They make efforts from time to time to improve schools,especially in rural areas.

Along with all this, he also pays attention to social issues. 5 beds have been provided for Covid Special Hospital started in Velhe Taluka of Pune district. 

I have always wanted people like you to live in India.

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