Sunday 5 April 2020

Note 1- This post is not intended to show that we have done a great job. Everyone should come forward to help others during this crisis
👉 Today is the 13th day of Lockdown. Peoples in some remote areas have been and are far more likely to suffer from this Lockdown than people in urban areas or nearby villages.
With Lockdown suddenly announced, people in these areas did not have time to stock up on household necessities. And, now it is said to come to the market travelling facilities are not available. There are about 60-70 families living in Chandar village and surrounding area. Market Place or other important shops are 30 km away from these villages. 
Last week, Swapnil Dada expressed his desire to help such peoples. We did all the planning along with the 'Awchit Trekking Group' who is always helping peoples in this area in many ways.
All those who were willing to help for this cause, came forward. They helped fininacialy.
Some of my friends ( Kritika Shekhar & Friend Circle, Keki Unwalla , Narendra Umale Ji Umale, Soniya ji) took the initiative.
With the help of all of them and with the help of Amol Unecha Dada, Sumit Chavan Dada, Prasad Pawar Dada, Pratik Dada & Milind Dada from Avchit Trekking Group, we have distributed the all things to peoples in Chandar and surrounding villages.
The present time is very difficult. Even,many peoples like us are having many problems, then you can guess what may be the condition of all these villagers!
There is a request to all, that even if everyone helps one in need, the time of Lockdown will be gone happiely.
This was the first part, we also figuring out some other families who need helps like this. Next week we shall reach up to them.
👉Note-2 We could not get this help from home, so we had to move out. But, in doing so, we took great care. We distributed all the goods to the public, with the legal permission by Tahsildar Saheb Velhe & maintained the social distance. We got superb support from Tahsildar saheb.
Thanking - Swpnil दादा , keki , kritika & Friends - without you it could not be happened

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