Thursday 9 April 2020

Please reach out if anyone need a help.🙏

Today is the 16 th day of Lockdown in India. Four days ago with the help of #Awchit Trekking Group’ we reached out to the villagers in the remote areas of pune district who have been facing some issues due to this lockdown. Many peoples helped in this work. Seeing this, many more peoples came forward to help.
Here in Gorhe Bk. Village & surrounding area ,We figured out Some famillies (workers ) from other districts & states who stuck due to this lockdown. Today, we reached to them with the necessary supplies that will keep them going for a few months. Many thanks to Keki (Irfan Foundation,Mumbai)who always comes forward to help others.
Mr. RamnathJi ,Mr.Ravindra Ji Reddy(Mumbai); thanks to all these good people who made this possible.
Also, big shout out to all friends from Gorhe Bk. School ,Village & Grampamchayat.

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