Tuesday 10 March 2020

"Science Lab-Sponsored by-Keki Unwalla-Mumbai"
"When you try to work for good , many factors come in to play in this process."

We are trying to establish a separate 'Science Lab' in our school. Mr.Keki Unwalla sponsored some fund for it. He beleive in 'One Dream At A Time'. Last week I requested him to help for establishing a science lab in our school. He sent the fund with love and blessings.

 Also we got some help by our villagers and Grampanchayat  members like Sushant Bhau, Sujit Bhau, Lahu Bhau and Sachin Bhau.
But, here is one another important person who is  working with dedication .

       He is Shahrukh.. Naam to suna hi hoga..?
Since ,yesterday he is showing his present in school. When the lab will established , no doubt he will be main person to make it fulfilled.

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