Sunday 3 June 2018

   चांदर शाळेवरुन बदली झाली.....पानवलेल्या डोळयांनी निरोप घेतो...

       It has been eight years since I am working in Chandar..
It was tough time while appointed in Chandar. Though I had accepted it as my passion. It was not so easy to work there : no proper  roads, no electricity & lack of all basic facilities...this was condition of Chandar village of that time...
        It was 2010 ,when I joined the School . First day to reach in Chandar was like to go on war.. 30 kg of weight on back ,wooden stick like a gun in hand.. When I reached in chandar ; the picture was hair-rising for me... School had only walls remained ,no roof was there...  It was not looking school by any manner.
I thought , thought , thought  and finally decided....’yes,lot more to do here..’

           2010-2018 , this time interval is most Emotional-Memorable-unforgettable time of my life... Because ,not only as a teacher I worked here but many things I also learned here..I developed strongly as human being..
    I tried to give all my efforts to do something for my school and my students...but somewhere I couldn’t, please give me some excuse...
   Leaving you 👉🏻My School ,My Student and my Village Chandar👈🏻  just by  always be in my heart & my mind..forever ever & ever

                                 Rajnikant Mendhe Sir (Rajni Sir)

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