Thursday 24 May 2018

When you even think to do better for Society & the Peoples...many factors come into play for helping your cause...Same think happened here. When, my story about my struggle & my school village published in TheBetterIndia ,lots of peoples have read it,shared it in various social media & it viraled so quickly that so many peoples contacted me through Facebook,messenger,Instagram & through my blog...It was nice feeling because everyone was appreciating my work and praying for my school village ...Hopefully , all prayers got valud when electricity reached in Chandar can say ,its first time..
Article published in TBI helped me to reamany readers and doner...many peoples came forward to help this village by reading this article..They shown their interest to know more about this village and asked me ,what they can do for this village...

One talented documentary maker from Hyderabad Mr.Atul Khandar started to make a Documentry film so that this village and my struggle for school will reach to large number of peoples.

My happiness reached in highest level when MR.Meet Dedania from Optimistix productions invited me on their upcoming show ‘Sabse Smart koun’ on Star Plus..

Mr.Vishal Mahadkar ,A Bollywood movie director took all legal rights to make movie on my struggling that other people will inspire by watching it

Many doner are planning to come there in Chandar Village to do some work for peoples and school....

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