Friday 12 June 2020

While working in the Chandar Village, I suddenly got a call from a person from France. There was a general introduction. It was the first call I received from abroad. That was the call of Mr. Santosh Phad, the founder of Thinksharp Foundation. This organization and Santosh Sir work to provide better educational facilities to schools in rural areas.

 We had done some planning for Chandar Village  School at that time but then I was transferred from that school and at that time those planning stopped.

A few days after joining the new school at village Gorhe Bu., I texted Santosh Sir, if anything could be done for my new school. After a while, reply came that we should definitely plan. And since then, change has begun in our school.

We started ‘StudyMall’, an initiative of Thinksharp Foundation and Santosh Sir in our school in September 2018. Since then, the school has started to change. The StudyMall project guided us to digitalize our school.

Hanging Library established in the school has been found useful in creating a love of reading for the students, It’s under the StudyMall project.

 The Thinksharp Foundation is working as a bridge between the educational process in urban and rural areas. The Thinksharp Foundation is providing various facilities to needy rural schools across Maharashtra. As a result, both the quality of schools and the development of students are on the way to progress. Santosh Sir himself comes from a family in a rural area. After completing his higher education and working abroad, he has now settled in India.

Santosh Sir, who feels that we owe something to the community we came from. Good luck for your further work, your guidance will always be with us.

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