Saturday 27 July 2019

ग्रेट भेट-27.07.2019 

It always gives the immense happiness to meet with persons like Santosh ji  Phad & Heramb Ji Kulkarni ,who are strongly working to improve education system. We are  very lucky to work with such dignitaries.

       Santosh Phad sir is a founder of Think Sharp foundation who is working for bridging the Rural-Urban divide .

Since last year Our school Thinksharp foundation connected with each other. We started the study mall (Digital Class,library) and we got the superb result. Students improved in study ,they started to love the school.We increased in number of students also.

This time Santosh sir visited our school along with Mr.Heramb Ji Kulkarni. Heramb Sir is working for COUNCIL FOR CREATIVE EDUCATION .

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