Tuesday 12 March 2019

This Queue of my Students may seems normal...but for me, this is dream come true. Tell you why..
      Akshra..the girl you can see coloured in this picture..was most irregular student in the class, since  I joined the school on 15th June 2018. Later on, she becomes regular and loved school. She was much behind in study as compared to other students..but now she can read as per my satisfaction, can do adition ,subtraction & understands the numbers up to 100. Still you are wondering what is the Special in this picture ? Let me tell you..

              I regulerly Check the Homework on next day & all Students stands in the Queue.
 She never did her HomeWork since I joined the school & was never be the part of this Queue. I also never forced her to do so. Today , I surprized & got emotional  watching her in this Queue.  She did all adition ,subtraction problems & all were corrects. Wowwwww..
 What can be the better than it for a Teacher..

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