Tuesday 5 May 2020

Vidyanand ji and I have known each other for two years. At that time he was working in Mumbai Police. The police said that you have a natural fear of respect. But talking to Vidyananda ji, now that fear is slowly diminishing. Because of their sweet, humorous nature, they are never afraid to speak.

Sir and I have been friends on Facebook for many days. They always appreciate our school activities. He has also helped financially with some of the school supplies.
 But the reason for writing about them today is a little different. I had written an article about Rituparna Didi 2-3 days ago. Rituparna Didi runs a drama school in Calcutta. The people of the area are facing a double whammy like Hurricane Corona and Amphan. Rituparna Didi suffered a lot due to this storm.

Vidyananda is a socially conscious personality and I have come to realize this many times. When he read the article written about Rituparna Didi, he called himself and sent help to Rituparna Didi. While serving the country during this time of Corona, he pays attention to such things, which makes him feel more respected. He is the real 'Singham' who respects humanity in a khaki uniform. It is my good fortune that people like you are my friends.

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