Saturday 23 March 2019

🍁सेवा है यज्ञकुन्ड समिधा सम हम जलें
ध्येय महासागर में सरित रूप हम मिलें🍁
As fortunate, holy & good it is for wooden stick (samidha) to go in the holy fire of yagnya, same way it is for us to enter in to service work. Stick does not remain the same as it was, but burns itself to serve for the purpose.” These lines are exctaly correct for the persons we met today.
Sometimes we can’t find the words to express our gratitude for someone.
June 2018 ,when our Principal Mr. Shivaji GaikwadSir & we all teachers decided to make all round development of our school, there were many obstacles doing it. But ,fortunately at every point we got great persons and Organisations helping us. In August 2018, We established StudyMall in our school with the help of ThinkSharp foundation & Santosh Phad sir. Swpnil sir & Veena Mam are the main doner for it. They didn’t stop there. They both along with there Familly members kept continue the flow of help. Computer,printer,projector made our classroom digital , students are learning music on Harmonium provided by them.
Today MR. Ramnath sundersen sir & Mrs. Malthi Ramnath Mam came at our school with lots of gifts for Children. They gifted 8 notebooks each, stationary to more than 160 students of our school for next Academic year 2019-2020.

Thank you so much all of you from our School

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